December 2012

Reflecting on 2012

Approaching the end of 2012, I am extremely grateful for what I have encountered.
It has been great traveling across the country; taking on whatever it brings. Being in a working band this year, attempting to stretch the music time after time, was what I lived for. Realizing the difficulty of maintaining a high level proved it’s a reflection on life. Clearly, some days are just better than others. The key is your perception; taking on something that may seem small or useless and making it into something. I took every opportunity as a steppingstone to reach further in my growth. One thing I love about the music I play is the same people you study/check out can be the same people you become connected to in a matter of seconds. It’s a humbling experience.
My 2012 lesson is committing to an idea then following through . I have put this lesson into action most when times were hard. This year it was extremely unfortunate to experience three tragic deaths; but one thing I do know is that LOVE WINS! I must stand strong and allow each circumstance to become a testament. The mission is to let the people feel my excitement, hurt, pain, love, and faith through my playing. Music can’t always be portrayed as “happy go lucky” but pain and sadness must also be heard. There are broken people out in this world whom we know music can heal again. I’m excited to reach higher, release the drums around the world movement, as well as play with more incredible musicians.
Be Ready!!