January 2013

Letter on Gun Control

A Letter Considering Gun Control.
My name is Jonathan Barber.

I am writing in a great plead to earnestly consider taking a stronger approach and action to gun control here in Connecticut.

Joining with the Sandy Hook Promise, not only do I stand grieving with the families effected by this tragedy but also stand with the Sandy Hook Promise mission statement.
“I’m making the #SandyHookPromise to keep my community & country safer from violence.”
To effectively make an impact as a 23-year old college graduate I must declare that we as a community must grip the control and access to guns in our communities, to not allow another December 14, 2012.

I recognize the issue is gun-control. The reality is that the access to guns are easy to obtain. We must take an holistic approach solve the questions/topics:

Stricter screening to obtain a gun/permit. (mental-illness should dictate whether he or she is suitable to have a gun/permit)

The amount to guns per-person. (this brings control on the amount of guns in our communities)

The mile radius from a school to a place that sells guns/ammunition.

Stricter laws on the types of weapons a person may be able to obtain (9milli vs. semi automatic) (Mass-murders are using autimatic guns)

From the depths of my heart I urge the community to come together with the vision to protect the next generation to serve this country. Senseless and demonic acts of people taking innocent lives away and destroying the joy of family MUST COME TO AN END. This country has receive too many wake-up calls to let a re-evlaution, a talk, and a consideration to change our gun laws go by.
Guns brings fear, danger, and unfortunately death in our community.
I encourage a healthy debate where both parties come together with the vision of protecting our family and friends.
A mother must continue to be nurturing, a father must continue to provide, a child must continue brighten the world, a brother must to be an example for the next generation, a sister must continue to be a role-model, and a community must rise up and innovate livelihoods that make our community and country safer.

With the support on gun-control I thank you for this opportunity to allow my voice to be heard.