“Microphone Check”

As an artist, life is like being in a recording booth. It’s silent. You have tons of microphones around you that represent our society, culture, and individuals in your life. As the record button is pressed, you do not know who is in the other room eavesdropping on your creation. You don’t know what is being said nor the potential of the eyes and ears of those witnessing your body of work. All you have is yourself as you relish in the moment; as you share your knowledge and shine your light. Don’t hold back. Give life everything you have. You may be surprised by who’s watching you live and listening to your art; by how far your name has traveled and all of the people who’s inspiration has positively influenced your artistry.
Your gift will make room for you in unpredictable ways.
Be You.
Believe in Yourself and Trust God to do the rest.

That being said, I leave you with a thought; a question out of pure curiosity. When you make your daily walk into the world and the “record button” is pressed, what do you see, hear, sense, and think about?

It’s different from the person you’re trying to be. I’m talking about the NOW. Passion over pressure. Believe. Trust. And Continue to be a light.

Hosting Smalls Jazz Club Late Night Session (Monday’s)

I am proud to announce that I will be leading the Late Night Session at Smalls Jazz club every other Monday. Grateful for this platform. I encourage all artist and music lovers to come out and experience Live Music like no other. Be a Witness!

Welcome 2015

2014 was the year of change for me. Cutting my hair and moving to New York City put me in a position to learn more about myself and to follow my heart when making decisions. These two circumstances may seem small but how can I live out purpose on this Earth if I don’t have a full understanding of who I am. When we step out on faith, the truth is God is holding our hand the whole way. From networking with talented people, traveling to other countries, leading a band at a jazz festival, performing with incredible musicians, recording music, giving to those who are less fortunate, as well as many other things, God had blessed me in 2014. Knowing this I can truly say that 2015 is going to be better and greater. The foundation work has been laid. Now it’s time build. Out with the old in with the new! Welcome 2015!

J.D. Allen “Bloom” European Tour

“Back to Europe I Go!” Looking forward doing another European Tour with the J.D. Allen Trio. Here are the dates….

November 17
London Jazz Fest, UK

November 19
Minsk Jazz Festival, Belarus

November 21 & 22
Duc des Lombards, Paris, France

Contact me if your area.

European Tour 2014 (October)

I will joining Jeremy Pelt “Four” as we embark this European Tour, playing new compositions.

Oct.4- Minden, Germany (Jazzclub Minden)
Oct.5- Frankfurt (Jazzkeller)
Oct.6- Antwerp, Belgium (de Hopper)
Oct.7- Weisbaden, Germany (Da Camera)
Oct.8- Paris (Duc des Lombards)
Oct. 10/11- Barcelona (Jamboree)
Oct.14- Verona, Italy
Oct.15- Marostica, Italy (Panic Jazz club)
Oct.16- Modena, Italy
Oct.17- Perugia, Italy
Oct.18- Poznan, Poland (Blue Note)
Oct.19- London, UK (Pizza Express)
Oct.20- Grenoble, France (Grenoble Jazz Festival)

Drums Around The World!!!

Moving to the Big Apple

Change is something you grow into. You may not have every question answered or every plan thought out, what matters is the desire and will you have within. Starting a new chapter in my life I am diving into the city that never sleeps.
I’m happy to call New York City my new home. To my family and friends who supported me from the beginning, I thank you. Now my dream has become my reality. This process isn’t over, it just started. It’s time to reposition myself to receive what God has for me. I’m thrilled to build new relationships, learn, and discover another side of life. Onward and Upward! Hello Harlem!

Review: Gilmore International Keyboard Festival (Danny Grissett Trio)

Here is a snippet of a well written review of a performance in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Backed by the amazing talents of sidemen Joe Martin on bass and Jonathan Barber on drums….he wrote this song to cheer him up and called it “Blue J.” The work began with extended drum solo in a free-form style mimicking the random wanderings of a four-yer-old before settling in to a slow burning groove in 10/4 meter. Grissett presented a composition inspired by a Chopin etude. He explained that he has always enjoyed studying classical music and had a particular fondness for Chopin. He set this unannounced etude in an up-tempo, jazzy waltz style. Drummer Barber drove the trio into a frenzy without dominating while Martin coaxed exciting, lyric lines from his bass. Meanwhile, Grissett laid down lightning fast licks with his right hand while his left hand explored rapid-fire, syncopated chords. The piece was on fire and the rather large midday audience responded in kind!

– By Tom Evans

JD Allen “Bloom”

I am proud to present another album with JD Allen entitled “Bloom”. Along with Orrin Evans (piano) and Alexander Claffy (bass) this album displays 4 minds reaching one goal but entering in different angles.

2014 is Here!!!!

Welcome 2014.

New year.
New Attitude.
“I Am Capable.”
Time to go forth.
Change is something you grow into.
Get ready for the change.
Build Strength.
Embrace the now.
Be the Victor.

Welcome 2014.

2013 European Winter Tour with J.D. Allen Trio.

5 shows, 5 days, in 4 cities. Along with J.D. Allen and Alexander Claffy we are excited to have the opportunity to perform every night, embracing what each audience bring. In a situation like this you can only prepare while you are in the moment. Looking forward!
Check out the dates…

November 6- Jamboree (Valencia, Spain)
November 7- Jimmy Glass (Barcelona, Spain)
November 8 & 9- Duc Des Lombards (Paris, France)
November 10- Heist Op Den Berg, Belgium (Hnita-Jazz Club )

Drums Around The World!!!