Review: Gilmore International Keyboard Festival (Danny Grissett Trio)

Here is a snippet of a well written review of a performance in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Backed by the amazing talents of sidemen Joe Martin on bass and Jonathan Barber on drums….he wrote this song to cheer him up and called it “Blue J.” The work began with extended drum solo in a free-form style mimicking the random wanderings of a four-yer-old before settling in to a slow burning groove in 10/4 meter. Grissett presented a composition inspired by a Chopin etude. He explained that he has always enjoyed studying classical music and had a particular fondness for Chopin. He set this unannounced etude in an up-tempo, jazzy waltz style. Drummer Barber drove the trio into a frenzy without dominating while Martin coaxed exciting, lyric lines from his bass. Meanwhile, Grissett laid down lightning fast licks with his right hand while his left hand explored rapid-fire, syncopated chords. The piece was on fire and the rather large midday audience responded in kind!

– By Tom Evans

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