“The Amazing Race Tour”

Once again I made another visit to the European music scene. I called this tour “The Amazing Race”. We did three back to back performances in three different cities. That required early lobby calls and long car rides. In this short tour I was performing with the Jeremy Pelt Quintet along with JD Allen on tenor sax, Dwayne Burno on bass and Xaiver Davis on piano.
9/12 we performed at the Festival de Jazz in Colmar, France. It was a big venue and a lot of people came out to support.
9/13 We made our way over to The Art Gallery in Reutlingen, Germany. This space was originally designed to hold art exhibits. With the relation between art and music our performance was well received.  It’s actually a great idea to mix art forms together. It allows each audience to communicate with a common language… improvisation.
We ended the tour in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 9/14. The Netherlands was the first place I traveled to in Europe back in June 2011. The North Sea Jazz Club is primarily a new club (4 months old). The management was outstanding. The staff made it their duty to make sure the band was comfortable.
Overall, the tour was a success. Grateful to see life on the other side of the world. Stay tuned, I will be back next month. Check out JB Dates for more info. If you’r in the area, come out. I would love to see you.

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