Where is Music Headed?…….

“Music will only go as far as the musicians will to push it forward.”
One of my biggest challenges musically is to execute the ideas that are brewing in my head. Some problems I see are musicians operating in fear, stifling their ideas by always standing in the shadows of a pioneer (jazz master) and jump on a concept just because society shows their approval. There’s a disconnect with the mind and spirit. Feeling and hearing a motif, then allowing it to manifest. At the end of the day I support any musician that is out on the music scene trying to play live music. We must embrace the change in culture, society, and technology. Those three elements are way beyond our (musicians) control. It moves with the world. One reason for this change is the limited access to the masters. There aren’t enough gigs where you could perform with a Jimmy Heath, Roy Haynes, Wayne Shorter, MycCoy Tyner, Sonny Rollins, Randy Weston…. the people that have been an understudy from the conception of an art form known as Jazz. (Let’s embrace them while they are alive).
Where is music headed? I’m starting to see an open market of anybody starting their own band/project. It doesn’t matter how old you are nor who you played with. I’m currently working on my own project but I would not think twice to turn down my own band’s gig to play with Ron Carter (or any music master). It’s somethings about the spirit of the elders passing the tradition down to the younger generation. I predict two things could happen with my generation. We will create a sound that will spring forth independent productions all across the entertainment industry or become babies being fed whatever society gives. I’m grateful that I have rub shoulders with great artist like Rene Mclean, Hank Jones, Harold Mabern, Wallace Roney and Sonny Rollins. “Being true to the music means allowing yourself to embrace what’s already been done while striving to reach your highest capability.” – Jonathan Barber

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