Moving to the Big Apple

Change is something you grow into. You may not have every question answered or every plan thought out, what matters is the desire and will you have within. Starting a new chapter in my life I am diving into the city that never sleeps.
I’m happy to call New York City my new home. To my family and friends who supported me from the beginning, I thank you. Now my dream has become my reality. This process isn’t over, it just started. It’s time to reposition myself to receive what God has for me. I’m thrilled to build new relationships, learn, and discover another side of life. Onward and Upward! Hello Harlem!

  1. Go get em’ JB!

  2. Awesome and CONGRATS! Being the year of release, it’s wonderful to see how God is releasing you into a new season of opportunities and favor! I’m freaking happy for you dude!! #Destiny+Purpose

  3. Congrats my brother. I’m very happy for you. NYC just got another boost of hipness.

  4. I really love this
    Clear, crisp vision.
    Speaks ahead… and equally to the present
    Yours is mastery thanks for sharing it with me.
    will be looking ahead to hears and know whats next friend!


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