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4ward Motion Drum Program 

4 week Program

  1. Drumming concepts 
  2. Social media concepts (IG, facebook, website) 
  3. Ways to engage your local community
  4. Composition / Arranging

-(4) 60 minute Drum Lessons

-(1) masterclass group Zoom workshop. (Listening, Q&A, Brainstorming, interacting with our Drum Community)

Free Consultation


– Drumming with Intention & Musicality 

– Help build content & strategies for YOU to move forward 

– Composing & Arranging Tips.

– Recording Video & Audio Homework Assignments 

– Access to Play Alongs 

– The Approach of Soloing 

– The Approach of Comping

– Tonality (ways to incorporate Melodic tones in phrasing)  

– Building Jazz Repertoire

– Song Development (How to properly & musically serve a song)

– Building Patterns 


4ward Motion Drum Program


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